The Administration area is essentially the control panel of your online community. It's where you can change its name, customize its appearance, configure extensions, assign permissions, and more.

How do I access my Administration area?

By default, only Admin users can access the community's Administration area. If you created the community, then you're automatically assigned as its Admin.

Here's how to access the Administration area:

  1. On Desktop devices, click on your profile on the navigation bar (top right corner of the screen). Then click on Administration.
  2. On Mobile devices, open on the left side panel (top left corner of the screen), then click on your profile, and finally click on Administration.

You can also access the Administration area by appending /admin to the URL of your community ( Remember that you must be signed in as an Admin user to access it.

How do I change the name and description?

To change the fundamental information of your community, like the title, name, and language, head over to the Basics section in your Administration area.

How do I change email settings?

To change the address that your community will use to send emails, head over to the Email section in your Administration area. You can configure an SMTP driver or integrate with Mailgun by using their API.

How do I assign different permissions to different members?

The Permissions section in your Administration area allows Admins to create new User Groups, assign permissions, and even restrict them by tags. Here's how it works:

User Groups

Every community starts with two default User Groups: Admins and Mods, but you can easily create your new ones from the Permissions section in your community's Administration area. Every User Group contains a badge (icon), which is displayed next to the user's profile picture and indicates their rank.


As the community Admin, you get to decide what content your members can see, post, and moderate. You can assign different permissions to different User Groups and even restrict these permissions to apply for certain tags only.

You can configure permissions from the Permissions section in your community's Administration area. The section is divided into four types of permissions: Read, Create, Participate, and Moderate.

Here are a few configuration examples that you can use:

  • Allow only Admins and Mods to post under the Announcement tag, and allow only members to view them.
  • Disable new registrations and make your community private.
  • Allow only Admins to suspend users and sticky discussions.
  • Allow only Experts (new User Group) to select the best answer in discussions under the Q&As tag.

How do I customize my community's theme and appearance?

To customize your community's appearance, head over to the Appearance section in your community's Administration panel.

You can change its colors, upload your logo, and even use custom CSS and JavaScript code.

How do I use extensions?

Extensions allow you to power-up your community and provide the experience you want for your users. All of the extensions you see in your Administration area are available to you for free.

Some extensions (like the SEO extension) include additional settings that you can set. You view and configure extensions, head over to the Extensions section in your community's Administration panel.

As in most app marketplaces, Extensions are written and maintained by independent developers. Some of our favorite extensions include:

For better comments

  • BBCode
  • Markdown
  • GIFs
  • Mentions
  • FoF Formatting - automatically converts URLs of images, tweets, YouTube videos, Spotify songs into embedded elements

For easier signup:

  • Twitter Login
  • Github Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login

For better user experience:

  • FoF User Bio - allows members to provide short information about them, which is visible on their profile page.

How do I add social login to my community?

Enabling your members to register and sign-in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can help your community grow.

You can add social login to your community from the Extensions panel in your Administration area.

To learn more about adding social login to your community, visit this article. If you face any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I use tags?

Tags help members navigate your community and organize discussions into topics.

You can create and configure tags from the Tags panel in your Administrative area. Members will be able to choose from these tags when creating a new post. Tags will appear on the side panel of your community's homepage (below the Start a Discussion button).

Enabling the Follow Tags extensions will allow your members to follow their favorite tags, and receive notifications about new discussions under it.

If you have several topics that fall under the same category (e.g., Football, Basketball, and Tennis), you can put them under the same tag (e.g., Sports) to create a hierarchy. Simply drag these tags below the parent tag.

You can use Primary and Secondary tags if you have some topics (e.g., Announcements) that you wish to hide from the Tags page.

Still have questions?

We hoped this article helped you get the basics of the Administration area of your community. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out by email. 👋

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